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This website is designed by a group of young people for young people. We've all experienced domestic abuse and we know there can be a brighter future. We've gathered information and resources to help you understand domestic abuse and get help if you need to. The site has info, facts, stories and even a quiz. Why not have a look for yourself?

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Domestic Abuse Facts

84 per cent (44,748) of all incidents of domestic abuse have a female victim and male perpetrator. more




A resource to guide pupils from S3-6 and teachers through an exploration of the issues of teen abuse, gender stereotyping and bullying and the problems these issues can cause for young people.

Gold Stars & Dragon Marks

A resource to guide pupils from primary 4-7 and teachers through an exploration of the issues of domestic abuse and bullying, and the problems these can cause for children and young people.

National Policy Context

Short term and long term goals for the prevention of domestic abuse in Scotland.

In 2003, the Scottish Government set out its national strategy, which has short term and long term goals for the prevention of domestic abuse in Scotland.  

This was followed, in June 2008, by the National Domestic Abuse Delivery Plan.  The plan details thirteen Priorities for Action under the key themes of protection, provision, primary prevention through education, and participation.  To support getting it right for children and young people affected by domestic abuse, their families and communities we are adopting a holistic approach to addressing domestic abuse, recognising that measures to improve outcomes for children and young people include achieving better outcomes for all involved.

Safer Lives:  Changed Lives sets out the shared approach to tackling violence against women in Scotland.  It aims to support those working towards this by providing a definition, guiding principles and a suggested focus for future work.

The Equality Act 2010 gives protection against direct and indirect discrimination, discrimination by association and perception, harassment, victimisation and promotes positive action in relation including about sex.  See resources section for extra information on domestic abuse and equalities.

Affected by these issues?

You can contact ChildLine about anything. No problem is too big or too small. Whatever your worry it's better out than in.


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Other online resources

See the resources section for loads of resources which could help you to know more about domestic abuse.